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Sunday, 11 March 2012

How to Become a Sex Superstar Sex can be many things it can be incredible, but it can also be mediocre. Don't settle for less than the best, here's how to turn yourself into a sex bomb! Build Your Confidence Confidence is the number one thing you need to have in your arsenal. Nothing else is as effective at feeling good about yourself and seducing others as confidence is. Instead of standing in front of a mirror picking out your flaws, check yourself out. Point out things that you love about yourself, whether it?s something about the way you look or something about who you are. Learn to love yourself and be confident in the real you, and show the real you to other people. You'll be surprised at what a difference it really makes. Dress To Kill Clothes and appearances are overrated, right? Sometimes. However, looking your best will naturally boost your confidence and will also make you more attractive and noticeable to others. So splurge on that dress you were eyeing the other day, or spend ten extra minutes curling your hair. Put a little more effort into the way you look and make sure you're looking and feeling fabulous every time you walk out the door. If you know you look amazing, you're going to exude confidence and sex to everyone around you and you'll literally be a walking bombshell! Explore Your Own Sexuality Being a bombshell when it comes to sex isn't about waiting for your partner to figure out the right buttons to push to give you pleasure. It's about taking control of your own pleasure and learning what you like and what you don't like on your own. Don't expect a guy to find your g-spot, your clitoris or any other hot spot of yours if you haven't bothered to find it first. Masturbation is the best way for women to discover how they like to be touched and what works best to bring them to orgasm during nookie. If you don't have a sex toy, now is the time to get one (like the Astroglide Vibe!). Splurge on a high quality vibrator or other sex toy and lock the doors and dim the lights. Take charge of your own pleasure and explore your sexuality. Learn what you like and what you don't like, so you can confidently communicate to any partner what you want while doing the dirty. Learn To Please Your Partner A sex vixen not only knows what she wants during sex, she also knows how to please her partner. You may think you know all there is to know about getting it on and how to give a guy an orgasm, but chances are, you're not as well informed as you think. While a guy is pretty much guaranteed a climax if he's doing it with a woman heck, all it takes is a little lotion and his hand anyways but there are ways to make your partner literally explode with pleasure if you take the time to learn the sex techniques that will blow him out of the water. Take some time to check out a few tips and techniques to give your man an earth shattering blowjob or even how to use prostate massage to intensify his climax. Learn to do things that no other girl has ever done before, and practice them until you get really good. Your guy will love that you're interested in doing new things, but he'll also love the learning process! Make sure you have a few tricks up your sleeve for the next time you get it on. Don't Be Afraid To Try New Things A sex vixen isn't afraid to try new things in or out of the bedroom. This, in part, is due to having confidence. A woman who has confidence in herself, the way she looks and the ability to please herself and her partner isn't going to be scared to bring out some new sex toys or to try new sex positions in the bedroom. Constantly think about new things you can try with your partner, even if it's only a little different from things that you've done before. It doesn't matter what you do it could be as simple as tugging his scrotum lightly during a blowjob if you've never done it before. As long as you're constantly looking for new ways to please your partner and yourself, you're going to evolve into a sex vixen in no time. by Kaylen Jackson on Dan & Jennifer check out their great website Sex Tip: Choosing The Best Lubricant For The Job (and Video) Sexual lubricants are great products to use during all kinds of sex, including anal sex, vaginal sex and even masturbation for both men and women. Why do we like lube so much? It makes sex feel great and helps you last longer than if you're relying on your body's own lubricants or - eek! - saliva to do the job for you. Here's the lowdown on the different kinds of lube on the market and how to use them. Why Do You Need Lube? If you haven't used lube before, you definitely need to try it! Chances are, you'll never go back to having sex without it. Sexual lubricant makes sex feel better, because it reduces the amount of friction during sex. Sex feels smoother, slicker and lasts longer than if you're just using saliva or not using anything at all. Water Based Lubricants Water based lubes are by far the best lubes out there. They're simply made of water and are extremely cost effective. They're easy to use and easy to clean - in fact, you can clean up water based lube with just water, no soap required! It doesn't stain your clothes or your sheets, but it will wear out quickly since it's a thinner style lube that closely mimics a woman's natural lubricant. You can't use water based lube in the water, because it will rinse off quickly, but other than that, water based lube is definitely your go-to lube. Keep it by your bedside and use as necessary. Silicone Based Lubricants Silicone based lubes are a little thicker and are much better to use in the water because they don't rinse off as easily. You can still clean up silicone lubricant easily with soap and water (and maybe a little elbow grease) but it's great if you're having sex or masturbating in the shower or pool. It also lasts longer than water based lubricant, so it's a little better for those marathon sex sessions. Silicone based lube is safe for most sex toys, but it cannot be used with toys made from silicone! If you have a silicone toy, you're better off using water based lube. Silicone lube isn't recommended for frequent vaginal use because although the vagina is self cleaning, it's difficult to get the silicone based lube out. Flavoured And Scented Lubes Flavoured or scented lubricants can be both silicone or water based (most likely water based) and are excellent to use for oral sex or just simply if you want a lube that smells and tastes good. There's no difference between the effectiveness of a flavoured or scented lube and a plain one, so it's definitely a personal choice. There are many different flavours on the market, including yummy ones like strawberry. Warming Lubes Warming lubes can also be silicone or water based, but are most likely water based. A component within the formula of the lube makes the lube warm up during sex, and continue to get warmer during intercourse or masturbation. Warming lubes are great to have on hand if you want something a little different during sex, however, some people aren't fond of just how warm and tingly warming lubricants can get when using them. If a warming lube is too hot for you, try diluting it with some regular lube for just a little extra kick. All Natural And Sensitive Skin Lubricants An uncommon yet growing category of sexual lubricants are ones that are made for people with very sensitive skin. These lubes can be made with all natural ingredients and without dyes and perfumes that can be potentially irritating. If you have very sensitive skin and are using "free and clear" detergents and soaps in your home, consider using an all natural or sensitive skin lube during sex too. By Dan & Jennifer check out their great website. Condensed & Adapted by Astroglide. Summer Time Tips Make your moves silky smooth. Lubricant is one of the easiest ways to make sex smoother, wetter, hotter... basically better. While a water-based lubricant usually does the trick, a silicone-based lube is particularly exquisite since it's silkier in nature and doesn't have the same drying effect. Cool things down. If it's a hot night, freeze the sheets for 10-15 min. before sex. Ahhhh… Condom use just got hotter! Couples can add to their rubber’s sensation even more by applying a drop or two of lube on the inside tip of the condom before rolling it down the shaft. If you’re expecting, experiment with her eroticism. Seek to explore your new preggie body, as some who are expecting find erogenous zones that never existed. Moves that didn't work before may cause mindblowing reactions. A woman may relish orgasms that she's never known before too. Erotically experiment as though you're discovering a totally new playground. Give the right touch. As a part of foreplay, give a massage... with just plain "Argo Cornstarch." Don't add anything to it. Just apply with a powder puff to the skin and it goes on like oil--just don't add any oil! Sexy & Smart Sexy Smart While sending a scantily-clad pic of yourself while text messaging might seem super sexy, it’s anything but when it ends up on the wrong mobile. So do the next best thing and send pictures of interlaced models sporting their "barely theres." Not only will your sweetie will be aroused by the turn-on attempt, but that you are so assured of your own desirability that you can pass along other eye candy too! Titillate with talk, tenderness, and time. Only 21-27% of couples discuss monogamy, condom use, or their sexual history with their sexual partner before having sex. That means that there are a lot of people out there fooling around without finding out how risky a partner they’re dealing with. Studies show that the better you know your partner the greater the comfort, care, and concern is in discussing your sexual histories, disease status, and risk-reducing strategies. The two of you also have more motivation to protect each other, and that can be super sexy. Carnally cool off this summer! If it’s hot outside and you're without air-conditioning, put your bed sheets in the freezer for 10 minutes before you go at it. Or set up a fan so that it’s blowing on you. Cool air can feel luxurious on your skin, especially if it’s hot and humid! Record your sex dreams. Regardless of whether you have lots of sexual experience or very little, having a nocturnal dream is a sexual experience all of us have in common. The recollection of these heart-racing, sweat-inducing nightly visions can, however, be difficult, if not impossible, for many of us to remember. So write them down the second you get up, when they’re fresh – for inspiration when you’re getting fresh with your sweetie later… Tips To a Healthy Sexual Relationship Keep Key Clothes On Want your lover to focus on a certain body part without guiding him or her with your hands? Put a spotlight on the areas where you’d like more attention by keeping certain clothes on. For example, taking your top off and leaving your bottoms on during sex play could encourage more nipple action. Touching yourself in these areas further encourages your partner to want to do the same. Add to your natural lube Lube enhances sex for everybody, and can be used by anybody, whether or not you have problems with dryness. While vaginal juices, saliva, and pre-cum can certainly make things wetter, a touch of your favorite lube can make things even better. For example, having your clitoris rubbed, whether during sex or as a part of foreplay, is going to feel even more divine with lubricant. Finger action is more fluid, allowing for hotter action, and problems due to dry stimulation, like the failure to pull a smooth move, are avoided. Don’t freak if you hit a sex rut At any point in a person’s life span, he or she can experience worries, hang-ups, or disorders around sex. This is perfectly normal and not something to panic over. While some situations may require more help than others, it’s important to be patient with yourself. Doing so will make the situation easier to deal with, plus get you to a better place sooner versus later. Compliment before you kiss Compliment how luscious her lips are before zeroing in on them. If they are, for example, full and sexy like Scarlet Johansson's, tell her they're tempting you. If they're scrumptious, like Kenyon Martin’s, let him know just that. The object of your affections is likely to flirt back and be more inviting in accepting the kiss, whether it’s the first or the latest in a string of many. Let your eye candy know you’re interested Eye gazing without staring is a classic move if you’re interested in somebody. Brushing up against the individual is also usually a good indicator that you want to engage somebody erotically, e.g., men especially know she's interested when she finds the excuse to brush against him with her breasts. Have sex sober Despite alcohol’s use as a sexual and social lubricant, sex is actually way better when it's sober. Take, for example, that a gal will be more lubricated and that a lot of guys will last longer before climaxing. In reinforcing how hot sober sex can be, comment on how amazing it is, as this will make your lover feel better about not needing a buzz to get sexy - and that it wasn't just the alcohol that made you all into him or her. Remember, indirect is sometimes best There comes a time during sex play that any hot spot can feel over-stimulated while a lover is manually or orally pleasuring the other. When things are too intense, you or your lover needs to make the direct action indirect. Take, for example, clitoral stimulation that can become too much of a good thing. Her lover should move his or her fingers to just above the clitoris to the clitoral shaft, or all the way up to the mons pubis, is to keep up the stimulation without over-stimulating her prime erogenous zone. Ladies can indicate that such action is needed by telling her partner that she needs a bit of a breather. "Mercy" is another flattering way of letting your lover know that you’re getting too much of a good thing. Boost your body confidence Body confidence is the basis for amazing sex. If you aren't comfortable with your body - if you don't feel good about yourself - then you're just setting yourself up for sexual difficulties and even dysfunctions. Having a positive attitude about yourself and your sexuality, and knowing that you're the sexiest thing going, can only lead to a racier romp with your lover. Whether you're showing off your body or letting your partner touch you all over, or the two of you are leaving the lights on... body confidence is WHERE IT’S AT! Hot & Heavy Holidays It’s that time of year again. Amidst the food, fun, family, friends, and festivities, you and your honey long to find the time to – "cuddle." While it might seem like "mission impossible," a little bit of forethought and clever strategizing can provide you with plenty of quality time together, whether alone or with your tribe. Whether you are simply looking to connect, wanting to de-stress, or hoping to pull off a quickie, the holidays can offer couples more time together than you ever thought possible. Steal time away together. It’s that special time of year in part because the holidays actually provide plenty of excuses to get “busy”. These include the need to: Do secret holiday shopping Wrap presents Write holiday cards All these activities have to be done, but there’s no reason why you can’t get a little "action" in at the same time. Act like you’re on vacation. After all, you are! While it’s only polite to give your family its due time, it’s also excusable to claim some down time given you’re on holiday. Such R&R efforts can involve going to bed early, sleeping in, and declaring naptime (e.g., after a big meal), for a most wonderful time of year. Also, take advantage of relatives as babysitters. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are more than likely happy to look after your brood while you treat yourselves to a date night. Just be sure to bring back a bottle of their favorite wine, liquor or holiday goodie as a big thank you. Separate from the pack. You’ve got a huge “to do” list, but it doesn’t necessarily require everyone being on top of each other all at once. You want that kind of action, in the literal sense, just for the two of you. So to get everyone out of your space (or to make a clean escape), divvy up the tasks and errands that need to be completed. Have the family agree to lists of who is going to do what, making sure that you take on responsibilities that make privacy possible. This might be going to the grocery store or offering to run errands while everyone else is at home – and taking your sweet ‘ol time getting back home. Or the two of you could plan to heat up the kitchen in a whole new way while everyone else is out and about. When it comes to keeping the kids occupied, delegate tasks that keep them busy and provide a sense of contributing, like washing dishes. Alternatively, come up with holiday arts’n’crafts projects that could keep them occupied for a couple of hours. Then there are the options of sending them out to play or to the neighbors for a bit, or letting them have an extra hour in front of the television or a video game. During the holidays, it’s okay to bend the rules a bit, especially if it’s for a greater cause – your sex life! Plan for Me-Time, times two. While the holidays are about togetherness, you can’t be faulted for needing a time- out from all of the action. So make no apologies for going for a walk, and give careful consideration to places where you can get “busy”. Or go for a long drive and find a place to "park" for a while. For a little Me-Time at home, take an extra-long shower or soak in a bubble bath together. Note: there may be times when you will want to do these activities by yourself, just to preserve your sanity. This might be especially important during those times your partner caves under family pressure or becomes an unpleasant bundle of nerves. Plus, it’s always good to have some me time, e.g., going for a run, toclear your head and to be better company. No matter what, be sure to show appreciation for each other and for what you’re each trying to do in making the holidays a hit, including giving each other space. Make no excuses for your craving to connect. While PDA or hot’n’heavy make out sessions are out-of-order, there’s nothing wrong with loving touches and outwardly showing how crazy you are about one another – even if it makes some family members squirm. So go ahead and give your sweet a relaxing shoulder massage. Exchange kisses and hugs on occasion, or curl up together on the couch while with everyone. After a while, the others will be so used to such activities that they’ll be unaware of it. Any children present will be positively influenced in seeing healthy, loving exchanges between two people who care about each other. Carpe diem when it comes to getting carnal! Think like a teenager. Take advantage of moments as they present themselves. Ask: How can we get away with as much action as possible without getting caught? Remember, sex will not only have you burning off any extra holiday calories, but will act as stress relief, lowering your anxiety levels, as well. It will also raise your holiday spirits, putting you in a much better mood, which will become infectious. After all, it is the happy couple that makes for the happy family. Happy Holidays! Astroglide Surveys Fans about Favourite Bedroom Sexual Fantasies Lovemaking in Public Places and a Man/Woman in Uniform are the Top Picks - Astroglide Ambassador Shares Benefits of Introducing Fantasies to the Bedroom Just in time to capitalise on this year's crop of Halloween costumes, Astroglide conducted a survey among its fans and asked the question "What's your most frequent bedroom fantasy?" There were a few pre-determined choices created to get the topic flowing, but in typical Astroglide fan style – there were some very interesting write-in responses. Here were the top picks: Making Love in exotic locales: With most people on a tight budget, even going out to dinner can be a fantasy. Once your fantasy destination is determined, why not surf the web for images of said locale, print them as large as possible into a mosaic and act out your cabana boy or girl fantasy in your living room. Don't forget the umbrella drinks! Man or Woman in Uniform: What better time of year than Halloween to stock up on police officer, firefighter, or fighter pilot costumes? Or simply wait until just after the 31st to buy all the discounted costumes so you can act out your fantasies all year long. Sex in public settings: No surprise seeing this popular fantasy. Just be careful or you could end up being the talk of the office water cooler for misdemeanor nakedness. Dominating a partner: For beginners at this fantasy, sometimes all it takes is a costume, for example Catwoman or a strong superhero would suffice. Even with minimal acting skills, we've heard that pulling on some kind of mask helps set the right mood. Multiple Partners: While this can be titillating, it can also be risky, especially if undertaken on a whim – who wants an STD to bring in the holidays, right? With a little imagination and some electronic goodies, you could be in business. Just don't forget the Astroglide. Renowned sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright, Astroglide Sexual Health and Wellness Ambassador, reviewed all of the fun but unscientific poll responses. She created some tips and benefits for lovers who want to incorporate fantasies into their healthy sex lives. Fantasies can aid in arousal, especially useful for anyone who might need to a boost to perform their best. Both men and women can reach deeper orgasms if they are thinking about or engaging in a fantasy. Discussing fantasies with your partner can help shy lovers to overcome inhibitions and give you a jolt of increased confidence. Fantasy can be an inexpensive and effective way to revive a stale sexual relationship. You can skip the expensive dinner and enjoy a spicy evening at home. You can revisit favourite fantasies throughout the day, to build foreplay for the evening activities or to simply get through the work day. A fantasy between couples can make each partner feel more desired and attractive, resulting in better sex and a possibly a stronger relationship! Couples can try different fantasies for various locales, such as pretending to be amorous strangers while traveling. Dan & Jennifer A good website for advice on just about everything Astroglide Offers Relationship Wellness Resolutions to Ring in the New Year Sexual Health and Wellness Expert Provides 12 Tips for Achieving Greater Intimacy in 2012 Each year as the festive season draws to a close, millions attempt a fresh start by making New Year’s resolutions. Individual resolutions vary, but perennial favourites include vows to lose weight or shed bad habits such as smoking. These are worthy goals. But why not put a healthier relationship at the top of your list with resolutions designed to improve your love life? Renowned sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright, Astroglide Sexual Health and Wellness Ambassador, considered that proposition and created tips to help you ring in the New Year with a more connected, healthier relationship with the one you love. Carpe diem! As responsible adults, we sometimes feel obligated to put others’ needs before our own, shutting down libidinal stirrings to attend to an extensive “to-do” list. Seize the moment when you’re feeling frisky! You and your lover will both be thankful for some extra action! Communicate proactively. Unless your partner is a mind-reader, you must express your desires to get what you want from your relationship. Books like “Sultry Sex Talk to Seduce Any Lover” and “Difficult Conversations” can boost confidence. Plan your strategy. The start of a new year is an ideal time to get out your calendar and plan at least two days per month to spend together as a couple – plus romantic getaways. Guarantee that your time together will happen by planning time off or arranging babysitters in advance. Start and end each day with a kiss. Research shows that couples who routinely make loving gestures toward one another are happier overall. Start 2012 off right with a resolution to kiss each night before you go to bed and greet each other with a kiss the next morning Make a list of fun things to do together. You never know when a window of “couple time” will open, and all too often, couples are too exhausted to think of where to go or what to do when opportunity strikes. Keep a running list of things you’d like to do together, so you’ll be prepared. Treat yourselves to a regular massage. It may seem counterintuitive, but getting relaxed actually gets you more revved up and responsive to sex! Treat yourself and your partner to massages, either from a professional masseuse or by giving each other relaxing rub downs. Do something novel this year. Fall in love all over again by engaging in a new activity as a couple. The possibilities are endless: tango lessons, cooking classes, hiking or kayaking. Such bonding activities can release dopamine, a natural chemical that can enhance your pleasure. Address personal issues that affect your relationship. Sometimes negative experiences from the past can haunt relationships long into the future. If personal issues are dragging you or your lover down, seek counseling and address them for a stronger, healthier connection in 2012. Improve your libido through good nutrition. A vow to improve eating habits tops many New Year’s resolution lists, but the stated goal is usually to lose weight or perk up physical health. Good nutrition can heighten your love life too, so identify libido-enhancing foods and eat for better sex. Sexercise for health and fitness. Having vigorous sex three or more times per week practically guarantees weight loss and provides regular exercise that will have you and your lover feeling better, looking more toned and wanting more. Feather your love nest. Introduce more sexual energy into your space by sprucing up your bedroom. A change in colors, fabrics and decorations with a focus on erotic, sensual accents can liven up your libido. Read a book about sex. You can never have enough ideas in the bedroom, and these days, there are so many great reads to choose from to spice things up or learn a new trick or two. Shared reading about sex can add heat to the relationships of even the hottest couples. Get a sensual start to 2012 by ringing in the New Year with relationship wellness resolutions that will keep you and your lover happy and satisfied until 2013 and beyond. If your plans for 2012 include greater intimacy with the one you love, Astroglide Brand Personal Lubricants can help enhance your experience. Looking for Love - Look around you and see who is close to you: Dr Fulbright

Want to meet somebody special? Consider well where you live and the people you rub elbows with the most. Geography and time spent engaging another are two of the biggest factors impacting the people you’re not only likeliest to meet, but possibly find yourself smitten over too.

Your proximity - how physically close you are to someone else - increases the likelihood of you becoming attracted to and liking that person. This makes where you live, where you work, and basically any place you frequent, like your favorite coffee shop, prime territory in increasing the chances for attraction. Just be sure to say “hello” when you finally take notice!

Humans react more favourably to others the more they see one other, talk to each other, learn about each other, and notice interesting qualities about the other. Referred to by social scientists as the “mere-exposure effect”, the tendency to like a person more if we have been repeatedly exposed to him or her strengthens our attraction to somebody.

People tend to be more attracted to individuals they have contact with several times, like the guy you see in the elevator every morning, versus simply once in a while, like the gal you rarely see at your gym. They also attribute more positive traits to people they expect to interact with often.

Despite the rising popularity of dating websites, studies over the years have continually found evidence for the power of mere-expsoure, with more than half of participants reporting having met their current dating partner, cohabitant, or spouse at work, school, church, a party or through friends.

One study found that people living in student housing were more likely to be attracted to their next door neighbor than to people living in apartments farther away from them. Add to this the fact that the likelihood of individuals marrying increases as the physical distance between them decreases, and you may want to pay more attention to whom exactly you’re running into on a regular basis.

Who sits next to you in class? Who rides the same train / bus at the same time with you to work every morning? Who do your friends bring along when your crew hangs out? Who are the swinging singles you work with? And if nobody comes to mind, where could you be going more often on a regular basis to invite more romantic opportunities? The love of your life may be closer than you think!

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