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Sunday, 11 March 2012

How to Become a Sex Superstar

How To Become a Sex Superstar

Want to meet somebody special? Consider well where you live and the people you rub elbows with the most. Geography and time spent engaging another are two of the biggest factors impacting the people you’re not only likeliest to meet, but possibly find yourself smitten over too.

Your proximity - how physically close you are to someone else - increases the likelihood of you becoming attracted to and liking that person. This makes where you live, where you work, and basically any place you frequent, like your favorite coffee shop, prime territory in increasing the chances for attraction. Just be sure to say “hello” when you finally take notice!

Humans react more favourably to others the more they see one other, talk to each other, learn about each other, and notice interesting qualities about the other. Referred to by social scientists as the “mere-exposure effect”, the tendency to like a person more if we have been repeatedly exposed to him or her strengthens our attraction to somebody.

People tend to be more attracted to individuals they have contact with several times, like the guy you see in the elevator every morning, versus simply once in a while, like the gal you rarely see at your gym. They also attribute more positive traits to people they expect to interact with often.

Despite the rising popularity of dating websites, studies over the years have continually found evidence for the power of mere-exposure, with more than half of participants reporting having met their current dating partner, cohabitant, or spouse at work, school, church, a party or through friends.

One study found that people living in student housing were more likely to be attracted to their next door neighbor than to people living in apartments farther away from them. Add to this the fact that the likelihood of individuals marrying increases as the physical distance between them decreases, and you may want to pay more attention to whom exactly you’re running into on a regular basis.

Who sits next to you in class? Who rides the same train / bus at the same time with you to work every morning? Who do your friends bring along when your crew hangs out? Who are the swinging singles you work with? And if nobody comes to mind, where could you be going more often on a regular basis to invite more romantic opportunities? The love of your life may be closer than you think!

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